The Boardwalk Cafe & Pub

The Boardwak Cafe viewed from Hampton Beach's Ocean Boulevard

The Boardwalk Cafe & Pub viewed from Ocean Boulevard

The Boardwalk Café & Pub is a favorite among local residents and regular visitors for the consistently high quality of its cuisine (especially its seafood entrées), for the beach and ocean views from its second-floor deck, and for its low-key entertainment.  The restaurant also has ample open-air seating at the sidewalk level where diners can watch quite a cross-section of Hampton Beach visitors flow by, and its wait staff has always been notably friendly and professional.

The Boardwalk café is located on Ocean Boulevard, in the middle of Hampton Beach, next door to the Hampton Beach Casino, and just steps south of (and within earshot of) the Seashell Stage bandshell.  The second-level deck is a great place to watch the Wednesday night fireworks while enjoying a generously portioned lobster roll and a glass of wine

The Boardwalk’s grilled Mahi-mahi is a favorite of our editors, and the fresh lobster rolls may be the best on the beach.   

Get there early or expect a 30-minute wait on summer evenings, especially on weekends.

19 on a scale of one to twenty

 4 of 5 for the view,

 6 of 5 for the food and service

 5 of 5 for the ambiance, and

 4 of 5 for cachet

The Boardwalk Cafe & Pub is highly recommended.