Seacoast NH Sportfishing

 Bluefin Tuna Fishing from Rye Harbor with Captain Bob Weathersby

Captain Bob Weathersby on the Yellow Fin

Above, Captain Bob doing what he does best aboard the F/V Yellowfin.

Captain Bob Weathersby, an expert angler with over 50 years of experience in catching bluefin tuna from his Rye, New Hampshire home. As a lifelong fisherman, Capt. Bob has always been drawn to the challenge and excitement of fishing for this powerful and elusive species. His accomplishments include landing two bluefin tuna exceeding 1000 pounds, and earning college tuition by commercially fishing for striped bass. He graduated Valedictorian from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and achieved the level of First Officer aboard the Exxon Philadelphia prior to coming ashore for a more family-friendly lifestyle. He brings these professional credentials forward to ensure you a safe, informative, and productive day at sea you will never forget.

Prior to setting a sole focus on light tackle trophy bluefin tuna, Captain Bob racked up an enviable record as a light tackle, trophy striped bass specialist. Year in, and year out his clients landed Rye’s largest striped bass, and he went nine consecutive seasons landing fish on every trip. Not to say striped bass fishing is routine, as the ocean changes every day, but over time Capt. 

Bob yearned to hone his craft on bluefin tuna fishing on his terms: using the fastest, best equipped, and most comfortable boat in the region sporting top-of-the-line equipment (pictured at right). Whether for surface-feeding fish or deep-feeders, Captain Bob has the equipment and techniques and expertise to get the hookups. In fact, he hooked at least one bluefin on EVERY trip in 2022. It’s these results that make Captain Bob a sought-after guide and mentor in the fishing community.

Captain Bob beside the F/V Yellowfin (click in the image).

Fighting and landing trophy bluefin on standup tackle is a combination of gear preparation, angler technique, and boat maneuverability.   Captain Bob tests his connections on a scale before departure, ensuring his anglers stay tight.  He coaches his anglers on getting the most from their fight. (Click on the image at left.)  And finally, his Yellowfin’s 700 horsepower spin the boat on a dime, in any sea state.  

As a steward of the ocean, Bob is deeply committed to promoting sustainable fishing practices and protecting the local ecosystem, and he works tirelessly to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the thrill of catching bluefin tuna.  While his goal is always to focus on fish size classes that can be retained by the angler, on certain days government regulations require large bluefin be released unharmed, Captain Bob employs special techniques and equipment to revive these monsters, allowing the triumphant angler to memorialize their victory with photos prior to a healthy release. 

Captain Bob is also an accomplished writer and speaker, and has shared insights and experiences with anglers via On The Water magazine and dockside chats.

Captain Bob is most easily reachable by telephone at  603.394.5807