The Flatbread Company (aka Flatbread’s)

The interior of "Flatbread's" restaurant in downtown Portsmouth

Above, the interior of Flatbread’s Restaurant, downtown’s most popular pizza place

Flatbread’s is probably Portsmouth’s favorite, upscale (but unpretentious), wood-oven pizzeria, though we’ve never heard it referred to as such, but apart from large salads and a few very good desserts (we recommend the pumpkin ice-cream and ginger-bread brownie), very good flatbread pizza is pretty much all it serves. 

Flatbreads is located in an historic, high-ceilinged, industrial-type building that was once the City’s municipal horse stable, and later a Montgomery Ward showroom (which, if you’ve ever been in one, it still bears a resemblance to), and lastly a beauty school, before opening as a pizza place on Congress Street, at the edge of the downtown shopping district.  The restaurant is around the corner from the Sise Inn if you happen to be staying there, and just about anyone in Portsmouth would be able to direct you there.

Our kids beg us to take them there, as other parents’ kids apparently do as well, because Flatbreads is always full of families, with kids all gravitating to a large log in front of the wood fire while waiting for dinner (while moms and dads are enjoying a glass of organic chardonnay at a booth or a table).  

Portsmouth’s Flatbreads is the flagship of a locally-owned chain of eleven (one of two Flatbreads in New Hampshire) with other restaurants in such far-flung places as British Columbia and Hawaii.

We think of Flatbreads as having equal parts ambiance, darned good, all-organic/all-natural pizza, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff

Highly recommended for adults or families.

138 Congress Street, Portsmouth.