Strawbery Banke

Historic homes on the grounds of the Strawbery Banke Museum

Strawbery Banke is perhaps New Hampshire’s premier tourism attraction, a must-do destination for Portsmouth visitors of all ages, and the venue for multiple annual events including the Candlelight Stroll around Christmas, the one-of-a-kind Fairy House tour in the fall, and the Seacoast Skating with the Stars professional ice-skating show in early February.

The ten-acre Strawbery Banke history museum, “dedicated to bringing 300 years of American history to life.” is a cluster of about 30 historic buildings located in the oldest neighborhood settled by Europeans in the State of New Hampshire, and the earliest neighborhood remaining in the city of Portsmouth, at the edge of present-day downtown. (MAP)

The restored buildings are staffed by costumed roll-players who excel in introducing visitors to traditional crafts including coopering (barrel-making), hands-on weaving on antique looms, and basket-making.

Families visiting Portsmouth during the winter months would be remiss in passing up an opportunity to skate amidst the historic buildings at the picturesque, on-site Labrie Family Skating Rink (pictured at right). 

Tickets are available in person or online.

Editors’ Note to every New Hampshire school teacher (as well as teachers in Southern Maine and Northern Massachusetts); Strawbery Banke, if you’re not already familiar with it, is a not to be overlooked school field trip venue.  (Read More)


Ice skating image courtesy of Strawbery Banke