Farr’s Famous Chicken

Two Farr's Famous Chicken patrons waiting with a drink for dinner

Above, two Farr’s Famous Chicken patrons making the best of their short wait for dinner

Permanent Hampton Beach residents have been looking forward to March 31 and the annual reopening of Farr’s Famous Chicken, a Hampton Beach tradition on Ashworth Avenue, a block from the surf and the Hampton Beach Casino (MAP), for nearly 50 years.  Farr’s Famous Chicken was brought back to life by Paul and Judy Conway, who reopened the restaurant after a short closure in 2006, so once again, Hampton Beach’s residents and visitors will not have to drive to Colonel Sanders in Seabrook for fried chicken again until Farr’s closes for the season around Columbus Day.

Farr’s is often crowded, and popular not just for its famously crispy chicken but also for homemade coleslaw and baked beans made with its own original recipes.   View Farr’s Menus here.

Patrons who arrive without a pre-order should plan to wait for about 30 minutes at peak times, especially on weekends, when the restaurant is filled with local residents and regular Hampton Beach visitors.  Fortunately, guests can wait for their orders at interior or outdoor tables, or at the bar with a glass of beer or glass of wine (pictured at top). 

Permanent residents and regular Hampton Beach visitors who know the drill place their pre-orders by calling 603-926-2030 and then have been known to double-park on C Street, steps from the entrance, while picking their to-go orders up before the gendarmes arrive to ticket them.  

Click on the interactive map above for directions to Farr’s

Open Thursdays through Sundays.  Closed Mondays through Wednesdays.

43 Ashworth Avenue, Hampton Beach


Delivery is now available from DoorDash.