Hampton Beach Parasailing

Top, two flyers ready for takeoff over Hampton Beach on a summer morning, and from left to right below, a family of flyers lifting off from the deck of the “Hang Time”, the “Hang Time” departing Hampton Harbor, and a couple arriving at cruising altitude.

Hampton Beach Parasail offers aerial adventures for solo adventurers, couples, and families seeking to experience the sensation of soaring 500 to 1000 feet above the waters of Hampton Beach. 

A busy parasailing company located at Hampton Harbor, directly across the street from Hampton Beach State Park at the South end of the beach (MAP), Hampton Beach Parasail caters to both local residents and tourists.

Customers board a custom-built parasailing boat, designed to accommodate up to three flyers per flight. The boat transports participants to an optimal location for parasailing, enhancing their experience with breathtaking views of the shoreline and ocean.

The parasailing process involves ascending into the sky as the parachute captures the wind. Flyers are provided with panoramic vistas of the beach and surrounding areas during their ascent. The crew can tailor the flight experience to cater to different preferences, accommodating those seeking a more tranquil experience.

Safety is a paramount concern.  The company’s certified staff conducts thorough safety briefings before each flight, ensuring participants are aware of proper procedures and precautions. Additionally, their equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to adhere to safety standards.

Overall, Hampton Beach Parasail offers a well-organized and safe parasailing experience, suitable for individuals of all ages.  Their expertise in maintaining equipment and prioritizing safety ensures that participants can enjoy the panoramic views and memorable flight experience above Hampton Beach.

For additional information or reservations call (603) 929-4386 or visit Hampton Beach Parasail’s website here

Open daily from Memorial Day to Columbus Day.  

Highly Recommended by Visit New Hampshire