The Bridge Street Bistro & Wine Bar

The Exterior of the Bridge Street Bistro and Wine Bar

Above, the Bridge Street Bistro, formerly Cafe Mirabelle

We can barely remember a French restaurant that didn’t agree with us, but the Bridge Street Bistro, if a couple photos of the Eiffel Tower make a restaurant French, would be the exception to the rule. 

What The Bridge Street Bistro lacks in ambiance, it may be trying to make up for with haughtiness, which one might forgive for true haut cuisine, but high cuisine and friendly, generally sophisticated service go hand-in-hand in all the French restaurants we know, and this concept just doesn’t work for us here.  Our reviewers wanted to give this restaurant a second chance, and did, but the Bistro failed again on almost every level. 

The restaurant is located across Bridge Street from a municipal parking lot that is almost always full at dinnertime, so guests would likely park at the Foundry Place Garage, close enough on a summer’s eve, but a long two blocks on a cold or rainy evening. 

The Bridge Street Bistro & Wine Bar, sadly, is not ready for primetime.