Four Beachfront Restaurants

Breakfast and Lunch Options

Honorable Mention Restaurants

Two Fine-Dining Options

Hampton and Hampton Beach Restaurant Options

The Sea Ketch Restaurant viewed from the sand on Hampton Beach

Featured Hampton Beach Destination Restaurant, above, the popular Sea Ketch

Hampton Beach’s BIG FOUR Beachfront Restaurants

Panoramic Ocean View from Sea Ketch third deck

A view of Hampton Beach and the North Alantic from the fourth-level deck at the Sea Ketch Restaurant, is also pictured at top of this page. (Read Our Review)

A view from the beach of Bernie’s Beach Bar, a restaurant by day and one of New Hampshire’s premier entertainment venues by night. (Read Our Review)

The second-floor deck at the popular Boardwalk Cafe & Pub on a summer afternoon (Read our Review)

The view of the Hampton Beach Seashell Stage from the Purple Urchin.

The view of the Seashell Stage from the dining deck at the Purple Urchin Restaurant (Read our Review)

Two Best Off-Beach Breakfast and Lunch Options  

The Green Room restaurant on Ashworth Avenue

The airy and palpably beachy Green Room, serving breakfast, lunch and smoothies at the foot of L Street on Ashworth Avenue.  Our review is coming soon.

Latte options at Flamingos coffee bar

Latte options at lovely and popular Flamingos Coffee Bar serving breakfast, lunch and specialty coffees on Ashworth Avenue, a block from the Sand.  Our review is coming soon.

Three Unique, Worth-the-Effort, Honorable Mentions

Two Farr's Famous Chicken patrons waiting with a drink for dinner

Farr’s Famous Chicken, actually is pretty famous, and not for no reason.  Far’s has been a Hampton Beach tradition since the 1970s. Highly recommended.  Our review.

The Swell Oyster Shack at Hampton Harbor, across the street from the State Park, an easy walk from the Beach, and a must-do for Oyster Lovers. Highly recommended. Our review.  

Lupe's 55 Cantina on Ocean Boulevard

Lupe’s 55 Cantina, a fine, small, family-owned Mexican restaurant on Ocean Boulevard, directly across from the Beach. Our review is coming soon.   Highly recommended in the meantime.


Three very good, off-beach (downtown Hampton) dining options

Hagan's grill lobster dinner

Hagan’s Grill, one of Hampton’s two year-round, fine-dining establishments (read our review), is located about three miles (seven-minutes) from the beach (MAP) and is Highly Recommended.

CR’s Restaurant, Hampton’s other white-tablecloth restaurant, is located at the edge of downtown (MAP), and well worth the 7-minute drive from the beach.  (Read our review).  Our highest recommendation

The Old Salt, at the crossroads of downtown Hampton (MAP) has been a local restaurant institution since before President Dwight Eisenhower had Thanksgiving dinner here. (Read our review Highly recommended.