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Dear Educator or School Administrator:

As you certainly know, there is a long tradition in the middle- and junior high schools of New England for 8th grade trips in the springtime to New York City or Washington, D.C.

These trips are a wonderful year-end activity for the 8th graders, who usually make the most of this opportunity to visit the cities that they've been learning about in school for years, and equally importantly, to bond with their fellow students before moving on to high school.

Unfortunately, these trips to New York City or Washington, D.C. (two of the most expensive cities in America), are getting genuinely pricey, and the need to make certain that every eligible student can participate creates complications known to every middle and junior high school principal. As a result, many of these trips are becoming a thing of the past.

However, there is a nearby, less costly alternative that is fun and interesting (for students and teachers alike) where the rich history of New England comes alive … historic Portsmouth.

Portsmouth-based VISIT CANADA, one of America's premier operators of educational tours, has developed a series of affordable two- and three-day trips to Portsmouth that feature visits to historic Strawbery Banke, the Harbor Trail, the Black Heritage Trail, New Castle's Fort Constitution (where the American Revolution really began), the USS Albacore (once the fastest submarine in the world), a cruise on the Thomas Laighton to the Isles of Shoals (or an interactive lobster fishing cruise from Rye Harbor), an interactive, marine biology workshop at the Seacoast Science Center at Odiorne State Park, live repertory theatre and other interesting activities.

In short, your students can have their pre-high-school-bonding experience, complete with a substantive educational component, that you and your chaperones will enjoy equally, and you won't have to spend the entire year fundraising for it. The trips aren't free, of course, but they're palpably less expensive and far, far more relaxed than any trip to Washington or New York will ever be.

For sample itineraries or further information, call us toll free at (800)456-5552. We believe that all of our educational tour programs are the very best available anywhere, and we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that to you.

J. Michael Donovan

16 Buck Rd, Hanover, NH 03755
134 Pleasant Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

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