One of the best reasons to visit Portsmouth is to also visit adjacent New Castle, New Hampshire's oldest and smallest town, a tightly-knit, island community of about 1000 residents, 300 homes (a number of them dating to the 1600s), and arguably the best public elementary school in the United States.

Its narrow, winding streets (without sidewalks) are filled with children on bikes, pedestrians and joggers, and lots of blind spots, and New Castle's families ask that you please observe the 25mph speed limit.

"The Great Island," as it was known when it was settled in 1623, is connected to the U.S. mainland by a bridge to Rye on one end and a causeway and a bridge to Portsmouth on the other.

New Castle is the home of Fort Constitution where the American Revolution actually began in December 14, 1774 when a group of colonists, prompted by Paul Revere's ride to Portsmouth the day before, overpowered the British garrison at Fort William & Mary (renamed Fort Constitution after the war) and removed munitions that were later used at the Battle of Bunker Hill in June of 1775. This event preceded the Battles of Lexington and Concord, sometimes thought of as the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War, that were fought five months later on April 19, 1775.

The Great Island is also the home of the beautifully restored, century-old Wentworth by the Sea Hotel which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the Wentworth Marina on one side, and New Castle's Back Cove on the other.

New Castle Home For Sale

Welcome to New Castle

The Piscataqua Café

Red House on Cranfield Street

Life on the Piscataqua

The Portsmouth Light at Fort Constitution

Rush Hour in New Castle

New Castle Post Office

New Castle Post Office

The Old Naval Prison

The Wentworth by the Sea Hotel and Marina

Bicycle on Portsmouth Avenue

New Castle Restaurants (both of them!)


Wentworth Dining Room

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